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Manpreet + Jasmohini (2018)

Manpreet and Jasmohini got connected through family relative it started as arrange affairs but soon Their courtship period made them so close that it doesn't seem we were covering arrange marriage the chemistry was superb, family bond was so strong and we hope it will stay forever like this. So here we are sharing with you pictures from their events hope you like them don't forget to share your comments.

Sneha||Varun (big fat wedding day)

So this was a special BIg fat wedding for Us. special beacause the fun enviroment we got to capture and the way we connected with Groom and bride family Never felt like we are home awayand this is a best part of our job The Family <3CONNECTION♄ , tell us about the pics in comments..:)

Deepankur & Akanksha

A story of the friends who choose to fall in love by choice. A couple we loved. Their chemistry was just awesome have a look at their pictures. Me and my team enjoyed capturing thier moments. They made us part of their family we are so thankful to them..

Khushboo+ Shobit’s Engagement

shobit a young emerging talented entrepreneur Where as Gorgeous Khushboo a simple girl both of them had so much chemistry that it was overwhelming for us . This was an arranged marriage but seemed nothing less than love given the comfort they had with each other though they were neighbors since many year but never thought of their destiny of finding partner will end up getting married to each others . They surely provided us fantastic moments. Both the family said that they enjoyed the way of working and made us part of their families. Hope you like the pictures as much as we loved shooting the lovely family .